Hugo Spiers: Science Communicator or the Visual Artist’s Muse?

A few weeks ago, the CNS had Hugo Spiers present on his work (his slides and a video of his presentation are online). The neuroscientist brings together science and art: he researches spatial perception, place representation, as well as related memories and imaginations at his lab at the University College London Institute of Behavioral Neuroscience. Spiers uses a wide array of neuroscientific and behavioral tools to gain more scientific knowledge about brain function, and he explores the visual arts to represent and communicate precisely these findings. In his talk, Spiers called the two projects stemming from the latter the “secret, hidden part of [his] life.” Continue reading

Upcoming Talk in Baltimore (T.C.) and Sensory History Project in Old City (David Barnes)

Only so you know how I’m spending my weekends: I will be presenting my plasticity project for the first time at JAS-Med this Saturday. This year, the conference is hosted by Johns Hopkins’s Department of the History of Medicine (and next year, it will be our turn!). Find the program here, and don’t hesitate to join us. At least Chris’s paper will be amazing, too.

One other literally historical project that you shouldn’t miss is David Barnes’s Sensory History Project in Old City this Friday evening. I will be there!