Upcoming Talk at the HSS Annual Meeting

Join me and many other scholars in history of science / STS for the annual meeting of the History of Science Society in Chicago, Nov. 6–9. I will be presenting new insights into my ANG project of which I will provide a summary here as well. But even more important than my talk is the rest of my panel (in this case “my” in two meanings of the word, since I am both the organizer and a presenter):

Friday, Nov. 7, 2014, 9:00–11.45:
Decisive and Divisive Brains: Making Identity Intelligible
Chair: John Tresch (University of Pennsylvania)
Organizer: Tabea Cornel (University of Pennsylvania)
– “Homo-Eudaimonicus: Wisdom and Happiness in Post-Fordist Capitalism,” Francis McKay (University of Chicago)
– “Mirror Neurons and the Human-Animal Divide,” Katja Guenther (Princeton University)
– “Cause and Cure: Psychotropic Drugs and Negotiations of Mental Pathology in Nineteenth-Century France,” Sara Black (Rutgers)
– “The Teleological Mind: Neural Networks and Identity in 20th Century Cybernetics,” Nicholas Hirsch (University of California, San Diego)
– “Human Adult Neurogendering: Brain Plasticity and Sex Difference Research,” Tabea Cornel (University of Pennsylvania)

Find the preliminary program here. Contact me if you’re going as well! I’d be happy to meet up.

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