M.A. Thesis: Functional Magnetic Resonance Phrenology?

In the process of revising a paper on F.J. Gall’s conception of sex/gender and the status of sexuality in his so-called organological doctrine, I reread two German articles by Frank Stahnisch (who is a great scholar and an incredibly helpful person): “Über die Natur des weiblichen Gehirns” and “Über die neuronale Natur des Weiblichen.”1 I was reminded how beautiful it is to read—and write—German texts.2 Apart from very few long emails, the last substantial thing I have written in the tongue of the umlauts is my M.A. thesis. I won’t publish it, but it seems a shame not to make it accessible. I included an English description of its argument in my very first blog post.

Download the .pdf here; I had to omit the illustrations due to copyright issues, but they aren’t crucial for my argument in any sense. Have fun!

1 More publications of his in German and English are available through the University of Calgary.
2 In case you want you read a fabulous account on what it feels like to write in a second language and trying to find a new home in it, check out this article my friend Tamar Novick shared with me (thank you again, Tamar!).

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